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Peckham Cowboys World tour 2014 Ramsgate Beach Party


Serving up the sort of woozy, sleazy trash-blues you hear all too infrequently these days, The Peckham Cowboys might just be the hypodermic in the vein that British rock’n’roll needs.

Formed by Dale Hodgkinson and Marc Eden (Slash/DNA Doll) and including Nigel Mogg (Quireboys), Timo Kaltio (Cherry Bombz/Cheap n Nasty), Duncan Mackay (Primal Scream), and Ryan McCormick (Stacie Collins Band), their second album 10 Tales From The Gin Palace won praised across the rock and blues press and resulted in two nominations - for Best Album and Best Vocalist - at the British Blues Awards 2014.

If any of those references sounds a bell for you then you’ll recognise The Peckham Cowboys as rock’n’roll served the way Uncle Keef dreamed it: broken-down stories of bad life choices and wicked women; chickenscratch riffs splashed with grimy dollops of horns.

There’s a modern touch too - dubby voodoo rhythms here, a mystic vibes there - which makes it at once lovingly retro, yet still utterly contemporary. And all, as you’d expect, impeccably dressed.

WiredWe are taking PRE-ORDERS on a new LIVE CD 'WIRED' NOW! Funding secured, ready to ship very soon! All you beautiful people who have already pre-ordered, we'll be taking yr addy' tomorrow, ta!

The show is taken from one, hot, sweaty night in London, & features the whole shebang, which was an hour long, (warts 'n' all, including some of Eden's, errr - 'stand-up'), 12/12/12 was the ominous date for all this palava, on the 'Flog it!' Tour.

This will be a limited edition CD run, some personally signed by the band, and is an internet only release. So if ya fancy one, please send us a message on our Facebook page, just leaving your name, and what you want.
We've heard this thing, it's bloody amazing cats & kittens!


Not GuiltyAs if, THAT wasn't enough! We will be also selling the 'NOT GUILTY! T-shirt, and we're taking pre-orders for that now!
Again, send us a message on our Facebook page, leave your name, and size.
Both products are a tenner each, and that includes P&P from wherever in the world you are. Peckham to Passadena!



15th October
Level 3 - Swindon

16th October
Legends of Rock Festival - Great Yarmouth
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17th October
Legends of Rock Festival - Great Yarmouth
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18th October
The Borderline - London (W/Jonny Kaplan)
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24th October
The Grapes - Stafford

25th October
Music Hall - Ramsgate (W/Jonny Kaplan)

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